Schoppell - Knit the Cat Magic Symbols Magazine No.7

Schoppell - Knit the Cat Magic Symbols Magazine No.7

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Celebrating the magic of pattern symbols and how they help you transform beautiful SCHOPPEL-WOLLE yarns into amazing finished pieces, this is altogether a stunning collection of knitted and crocheted designs from talented designers, presented in vibrant and irresistable colour. Fashion touches and stitch appeal bring out the best in the yarns.

In KTC7 Magic Symbols you will find 30 designs to knit or crochet.

Title page design - Hooded scarf to knit in Alpaka Queen, by Kirsten Röhrig
02 - Jacquard stole to knit in Zauberball 100/Admiral, by Anna-Maria Busch.
03 - Rose Garden coat, crochet pattern in Crazy Zauberball by Unjung Jun.
07 - Tens Stitch Corner blanket to knit in Crazy Zauberball, by Frankie Brown.
16 - Autumn Leaves crochet wrap by Unjung Jun

Featuring designs for the following yarns:
Gradient, Zauberball 100, Admiral, Zauberball Stärke 6 (6-ply), Lace Ball 100, Zauberwolle, Crazy Zauberball, XL, Reggae ombre, Big Disk, Alpaka Queen, Wool FINEST, Cashmere Queen, Leinen Los, Reggae, XL Kleckse, El Linio, 6 KARAT and giant knit MISS WOOL, finishing appropriately with a little cat toy to knit with various yarn options, by Annita Wilschut.
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