Scheepjes Dawn Chorus CKAL - Goldcrest Scarf Kit

Scheepjes Dawn Chorus CKAL - Goldcrest Scarf Kit

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Dawn Chorus Pick & Mix CKAL Experience

The Dawn Chorus designs are all inspired by birds: each kit is a celebration of a beautiful songbird that awakens the day with a melody. As the first rays of sunlight paint the sky, immerse yourself in the captivating world of birdsong and embark on a journey of creativity and the promise of a new day. As we launch three separate kits one by one, the identity of the birds that inspired the designs will be revealed. In the spirit of their different songs, our Pick & Mix kits invite you to choose the craft and design you wish to use. Knit or crochet each design and create your very own Dawn Chorus!

Kit One: Goldcrest Scarf by Martin Up North

Create a knitted or crocheted colourwork scarf, representing the beautiful shades of the goldcrest. Martin’s intricate designs incorporate a number of different techniques to keep the crafter engaged, including mosaic crochet and mosaic knitting.

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