French Knitting

French Knitting

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French knitting, also called spool knitting or i-cord knitting, has been around for centuries. The technique traditionally involves knitting with a handheld 'dolly' or spool with four pins around the edge, to produce a narrow tube of knitting known as an i-cord. The technique involves wrapping the yarn around the pins and then lifting loops over to create the stitches. It's a simple craft that children can do but is a little slow to create the fabric, and many kids lose interest before a decent length of i-cord is produced.

Luckily, technology has moved forward and now there is a hand-held mechanical mini knitting mill available that makes light work of knitting i-cords. Once the machine is threaded all you need to do is turn the handle and watch the magic happen as the i-cord emerges in seconds from the bottom of the mill!

This fresh and modern book gives you all the tips you need to get your mechanical mini knitting mill up and running and then 40 fabulous ideas for projects  from gifts to clothing, accessories to home décor and more. No knitting mill? No problem! All the projects can be knitted in the traditional method too.

Children and adults alike will love the unique designs included, with step-by-step instructions and full-size templates.

  • Create cute wired shapes, from flowers and hearts to names and words
  • Sew i-cords without wires onto clothing and bags for a unique, personalized look
  • Make gorgeous décor for kids' bedrooms with wall hangings and dreamcatchers
  • Give handmade gifts in the form of i-cord jewellery and hair accessories
  • Have fun with pompoms, charms, beads, feathers and sequins to add some bling!

This beautiful book will get kids (and adults!) excited to try out a traditional craft in a brand new way and enjoy the making process  the perfect bonding activity to do with your children! The 40 project ideas will spark further creativity  the possibilities for this craft are limited only by your imagination  and will foster a lifelong love of making.

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