Granny Square Fashion

Granny Square Fashion

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Master one granny square, create 15 different fashion looks

Crochet fashionable granny square garments everyone will want to wear!

Create fashionable crocheted clothing while you build your crocheting skills, with Granny Square Fashion!

Crochet guru Cassie Ward's new book offers:

  • 15 beginner-to-intermediate projects for crocheted fashion, including sweaters, cardigans, tank tops, vests, bags, t-shirts, dresses, and shawls
  • Invaluable tips and techniques including how to join squares in different ways, select colours, and create fabulous combinations for your projects
  • Swappable squares, so you can easily substitute your favourite granny square or use a variety of different designs in one project
  • Step-by-step instructions for making the basic granny square, half-granny, and diagonal half, and how to change colours while crocheting.

Crochet fashion is hugely popular the world over. From social media to the catwalk, granny squares have even been featured in fashion-house collections including that of Dolce & Gabbana!

In Granny Square Fashion, you'll learn the essential techniques and basic patterns for making a granny square that can be repeated and used in 15 brilliant garments and accessories! 

The 15 featured projects are chic garments that you'll want to make and wear, including sweaters and cardigans, a tank top, vests, bags, t-shirts, dresses, and shawls.

Cassie's book is perfect for beginners, with its step-by-step introduction to making the basic granny square, half-granny square, and diagonal half, as well as how to change colours while crocheting. You'll learn how to join squares in different ways, select colours, create fabulous combinations, and more! The patterns begin with simple designs, progressing on to slightly more advanced techniques, so you can build your skills as you crochet.

Cassie Ward is the founder of The Missing Yarn, an online crochet garment retailer. Her designs have appeared in numerous publications including Inside Crochet, Crochet Now, Simply Crochet, and Mollie Makes.

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