My Crocheted Home

My Crocheted Home

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Hand-made baskets, pillows, throws, wall hangings, placemats, and more.

Crocheting items for the home provides a wonderful opportunity to display and enjoy your handmade items every day. Adorn your dining room with a beautiful wall hanging, plants in textured cozies, and the Elm Placemats and Runner. Snuggle into the cozy Arrowwood Throw with your head on a crocheted pillow and your feet propped up on the Wow Ottoman. Crochet baskets and caddies for every room they can be made to match your décor and are both stylish and functional.

Salena Baca has a knack for creating crochet patterns with interesting texture and design elements while using only the basic crochet stitches. All patterns presented in this book are suitable for a beginner to intermediate crocheter, so grab your hook and yarn and get started. You'll love seeing and using your crochet all around your home!

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