Yarn Mandalas For Beginners & Beyond

Yarn Mandalas For Beginners & Beyond

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Discover how to make incredible woven yarn mandalas with this practical book, with an emphasis on how they can be a tool to aid wellbeing.

Author Inga Savage explains how to choose the right materials including dowels, yarn and other hardware, before moving on to 17 wonderfully colourful yarn mandalas, ranging from some very simple, basic versions using just two dowels, right up to more complicated 12-sided mandalas (using six dowels).

All of the key techniques are accompanied by step-by-step instructions and photography so you can see how to prepare the dowels and ensure that your mandalas have the correct tension to allow the pattern and colour to shine. Learn all the key patterns used in yarn mandalas including the daggers design, the square design, and how to add embroidery, tassels, and other elements into the mandalas as your skills develop.

The intricate layers and patterns of mandalas can help to reduce stress and aid wellbeing at the same time as developing your creativity. Inga highlights some 'Mindful Moments' throughout the book where she encourages you to get the most from the creative process, with the practice of intention, colour therapy and visualization. All you need to get started is yarn and some dowels and before you know it you will be creating beautiful mandalas to adorn your home.

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